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Multiplanetary Book 1: Pioneers on Mars

Multiplanetary Book 1: Pioneers on Mars


Book 1: Pioneers on Mars

Settling on the fourth rock from the Sun


A gripping science-based adventure eBook for your teen or young person to read on their phone or tablet. Specifically written for the young at heart.


Unputdownable, this short eBook is particularly targeted at those teens who don’t enjoy reading paper books.


This modestly priced eBook makes a great gift for a teenage family member or friend and it might just reignite an interest in science and reading.


It will provide hours of entertaining reading for your youngster, and yourself, and will provoke multiple questions about science-related subjects.


Pioneers on Mars is a short book, quick to read, about 140 pages of concentrated Mars and space-based action, adventure, tension, conflict and science.


The book is about the challenging lives of a group of genetically engineered eighteen-year-old teens, chosen as the first settlers on Mars, in the near future.


This is adventure fiction for young people at its best, with lots of excitement and real science. This is not a work of science fiction, there are no warp drives or light sabres. It is futurism.


The eBook takes the reader on a mental roller coaster ride through an interwoven series of realistic high adrenaline adventures with background themes of developing relationships and real science. These adventures incorporate smart young people, asteroids, comets, the solar system, black holes, AI, VR, Hawking radiation, relativity, quantum effects and more. The young characters are assisted by their AI personal digital assistant.


This is a compelling and entertaining novel about young people having lots of fun, breaking boundaries, surviving on a harsh planet, falling in love and making history along the way.


The reader is introduced painlessly to basic elements of astrophysics, cosmology, astronomy, quantum mechanics and physics. All this is woven into a compelling storyline leaving the reader asking for more.


This is the first in a series of books centred around the same youthful characters, designed to inspire the reader's interest in space, Mars and the greatest scientific breakthroughs and challenges of our time.


The ultimate objective of this book project, beyond providing escapism and entertainment, is to promote science literacy amongst Gen Zs, the future leaders of our worlds. Science will enable the next generations of humankind to save our pale blue dot’s climate and our civilization.

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