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Book 1: Pioneers on Mars is absolutely unputdownable

Updated: Nov 19, 2020


Book 1: Pioneers on Mars

Settling on the fourth rock from the Sun

What happens when a group of eighteen-year-old astronauts land on Mars, the first permanent settlers on that unforgiving planet, the fourth rock from the Sun.

Gripping. Unputdownable. A tale of courageous and optimistic young people, the best of humanity, experiencing science-based adventures and epic planetary and cosmic challenges.

On landing they race to discover water, drilling under frozen Martian wastelands, in time to survive. Will these smart young settlers and their AI digital assistant survive with limited resources. The red Planet has zero oxygen, low gravity cosmic radiation and massive dust storms. They face unthinkable odds. There is no plan B. They know they will never return to Earth.

Does Mankind belong in space? Should space be inhabited, exploited, militarized and polluted? Can we. be better custodians of space than of Earth?

Paul de Sousa weaves a web of action adventures about young people using intelligence and science to build a Martian settlement to enable a multi-planetary human civilization.

Surviving against all odds. Lifetime friendships forged. Romances blossoming. Disasters confronted. Above all the settlers have fun.

Ultimately they must lead a mission attempting to ensure the survival of Earth from an extinction event. The outcome is as stunning as it is unexpected.

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